NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18

4 / 5


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NBA 2K18 review

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulator from the annual NBA 2K series. Build a sports career, assemble a legendary team, and fight with your friends for the title of king of the court. Download NBA 2K18 and find out why it is considered the best sports simulator. Even a basketball star LeBron James uses it to work out team tactics. 

Graphics 4/5

2K Sports release games every year, and each time they manage to make their project even better. Compared to previous games of the series, the graphics become much better this year. The level of detail, animation, and special effects will certainly please your eyes. You can notice details such as sweat rolling down player’s temples, tattoos, scars, and even hairy armpits. 

Gameplay 5/5

The main mode of NBA 2K18 is MyCareer. You play as an amateur sportsman and take part in a street basketball match full of journalists and even NBA stars. So begins your career as a professional athlete. Your main goal is to reach the highest 99th level. 

Your sporting life takes place in an open area, the so-called Neighborhood. Here you can train, take part in tournaments or games with other users. You can also visit your agent and make a new deal, and a store where you can buy clothes, shoes and change the look. All these activities speed up your progress, so it is better not to ignore them. 

Another available mode is MyGM. Here you play the role of general manager of the team you pick. Your task is to bring the team to the best results of the season. You have to choose the line-up, communicate with the club owners, manage training, and give interviews. 

NBA 2K18 also has MyTeam network mode, in which there are two options: Pack and Playoffs and Super Max. The first one allows you to assemble a team of five players and a coach; you open packages and choose specific cards from them. Super Max seems like a fantastic NBA league where you choose players you can afford with your paycheck.

Controls 5/5

Despite that controls in the previous game were already close to perfection, in the new part, the creators added even more realism. Beginners are advised to go through a special training mode to get comfortable with the control system, as we did while writing this NBA 2K18 Review. Players got much more accurate tools to control the speed of action on the screen. Ball control and dribbling in the game became even smoother and more dynamic, but most importantly - the physics of the ball became even more realistic both in flight and in sportsman’s hands. 

Replay Value 3/5 

You can spend a lot of hours in the game, developing your character or team. It is exciting every time. What really annoys in this part of the series is a large number of transactions. Literally, for all the actions, you have to pay with in-game currency, which is not so easy to accumulate. So you’ll think once again about whether to replay NBA 2K18. 

The Bottom Line

NBA 2K18 is the best basketball simulator because currently, there is no other game that could compete with it in terms of quantity and quality of content. Even though the game got certain advantages, some of its elements, on the contrary, become worse; and the abuse of transactions is annoying. Download NBA 2K18 to your Nintendo Switch and share with us your thoughts on this game. 


If you want to feel all the charms and shortcomings of a professional basketball player’s life, download NBA 2K18 to your device.


  • Variety of modes
  • Great graphics and soundtrack
  • Responsive controls


  • The weak plot in career mode
  • Lots of microtransactions

NBA 2K18

4 / 5

Author: Visual Concepts

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