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FIFA® review

FIFA 18 is a football simulator that is now available for the Nintendo Switch platform. Players can enjoy playing soccer for their favorite teams. All stadiums, championships, and teams from the original PC, PS or Xbox version are available in this version. The developer Electronic Arts has made sure players get the most out of the game on Nintendo's console. The game was released in 2017 and is available for players.

Graphics 5/5

State-of-the-art rendering technologies of Nintendo Switch have made it probable to achieve high levels of graphics. All characters have been rendered as detailed as possible. This was made probable by PBR (Physical Render). The display clearly shows the emotions of NPC with quality animation and physics. Details deserve special attention: weather conditions, location drawing, football fans, and the lawn of the field. All these details are made in 3D. This makes the game more "lively" and dynamic. With the small Nintendo Switch Screen, it's hard to tell the difference between Virtual and Real. You can display it on your TV in 1080p resolution. 

Gameplay 5/5 

Gameplay consists of new elements. The developers have added a number of new player movements, updated weather effects, and football visualizations. Gameplay mechanics adjust to the player. That's why each player's movement is unique. There are no single algorithms of motion that are 100% repeated. 

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch has several game modes. These include tournaments, career, Switch Kick Off, online season, and skill games. And FIFA 18 game online allows players to compete with friends or strangers. 

Controls 5/5

FIFA 18 full game uses a unique Split Joy-Con control system. It was created especially for the FIFA 18 game on Nintendo Switch. The developers said it would support the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepads.

You can control the gameplay with two or one gamepads. That's convenient, but you'll have to get used to the Joy-Con system for a while. 

Replay Value 4/5

Many players play the legendary football simulator over and over again. New tournaments, stadiums, and teams updates make the process interesting. It becomes even more exciting in FIFA 18 play online. To play in the corporate mode, you need to buy FIFA 18. Unfortunately, there is no free access to FIFA 18 free to play.


Every football simulator fan should download FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. It's a balanced and intense game. There are no restrictions for in-game modes, graphics, or teams. You can download FIFA 18 to play online with friends. The portable format of the Nintendo Switch Set-top-box does not make the game any less dynamic or dramatic. It only gets more fun.


  • Graphics
  • Corporate Regime
  • Physics and gameplay
  • New Split Joy-Con control mode for Nintendo Switch


  • You have to pay for FIFA 18 download


5 / 5

Author: Electronic Arts

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