Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster

5 / 5


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Planet Coaster review

Planet Coaster is a game in which the player invited to build an amusement park from scratch. The developers of Frontier Developments have given freedom of action. You can build attractions, open restaurants, and create complex roller coaster tracks. This task is not an easy one. Visitors react to every change in the park by expressing their admiration or dissatisfaction. Create a real paradise for extreme lovers!

The game release date 11/16/2016. The simulator is available for download after payment on platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. 

Graphics 4/5

The Planet Coaster game has attractive graphics. The visual design of the game reminds SimCity or other urban planning simulations. Particular attention worthy of attention is the design of details. Textures are well-designed. And in the game world, you can consider in detail the primary and secondary elements of the game. System requirements allow you to play consistently even on a PC with moderate performance. 

But it would help if you did not count on perfect detail. This simulator stylized as a cartoon so that the character graphics may seem unusual.

Gameplay 5/5 

The Gameplay Planet Coaster deserves five points! The player has an unlimited opportunity to arrange the park in his favorite style. Choose your location (mountains or plains, winter or summer) and start building. The gameplay in Planet Coaster full game allows you to set up a cafe, shooting gallery, landscaping, moon park, and much more. 

The quality of the amusement park largely depends on the qualifications of the hired character. The gameplay process thought out to the smallest detail. Employees need to train. And still, we need to study new attractions and advertising campaigns to increase profits. It combines construction and finance simulator. But the gameplay is clear to every player. So even children play this game. 

Controls 4/5

In many rules of management, the player has to deal with himself. Planet Coaster specs are not described in detail when starting a new game world. But you can learn the features and controls in a few hours of the game. In the menu, you need to select the structures and their parameters. In a separate section, you can set up advertising and control finances. 

Replay Value 4/5

Planet Coaster full game provides a wide range of support content. Each new park being created can be unique. There is no additional content to pay. So you can play the park construction simulator over and over again. Players particularly admire the animation of details in the game. Each element of the game world can be changed to suit your desires. That's why Planet Coaster on the PC causes positive emotions. 


The current update has been significant. Download Planet Coaster to try out new gameplay mechanics. Few games that offer a free world and the opportunity to build an amusement park. And the simulator Planet Coaster is unique. 


  • Unlimited opportunities in amusement park arrangement
  • Large selection of interactive details in the game
  • Free content


  • No detailed training
  • The game interface causes difficulties for novice players

Planet Coaster

5 / 5

Author: Frontier Developments

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