Pok├ęmon Silver Version

Pok├ęmon Silver Version

4 / 5



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Pok├ęmon Silver Version review

Pokémon Silver Version is a game from the developer GAME FREAK that features a classic visual design. The image of the game made in 2D. Players will be able to wade through Giotto's world as they fight against enemies using Pokémon. Download the Pokémon Silver Version is not free. The game is already available for purchase on platform Nintendo 3DS. It released in 2017.

Graphics 3/5

Pokémon Silver Version for Nintendo 3DS has 2D graphics. You can't expect quality detail or sophisticated physics. The small size of the Pokémon Silver Version for Nintendo 3DS is due to its simple visuals. Previously released for the legendary Game Boy platform, Pokémon Silver Version was the first game to be released for Nintendo 3DS. It's 100% in the same format. Full game Pokémon Silver Version lets you enjoy battles with your favorite and familiar Pokémon. But there's no texture detail, no change in weather conditions, or 3D models. 

Gameplay 5/5

Gameplay Pokémon Silver Version lets you play alone or with friends on Nintendo 3DS. The ultimate goal of the game is to pass the entire Johto card, fighting against Pokémon opponents. You'll need to collect 100 Pokémon. And you can trade or bargain with friends over the local network. At the beginning of the game, you can choose between three Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. 

One of the new features of the game is real game time. The gameplay takes place in light and dark times of the day. The parameters of battles and graphics depend on it. 

Controls 4/5

Pokémon Silver Version is intuitive to operate. Game characters move through pre-approved blocks. That's why you can't get out of the map area. All Pokémon Silver Version specs are available with a few keystrokes. That's why the gameplay is so convenient, even for kids who aren't used to the gamepads yet. 

Replay Value 4/5

This game will seem boring to someone to pass again. But the developers have added interest to it. Pokémon Silver Version play online gives a vivid gaming experience on the local network. Many players love the real-time mode and the change of day and night. And Pokémon trading and exchange features allow you to play the virtual world map in different ways all the time. 


The price of the game is $9.99. You can download Pokémon Silver after payment. It is worth buying real fans of the series. The styles and graphics are the same as those of the original games from the 1990s. The developers have added new mechanics and elements to the gameplay.


  • Online game with friends
  • Change of day and night
  • 100 unique Pok├ęmon with different specifications and capabilities
  • A fascinating map of the game world with obstacles and surprises
  • The atmosphere of the legendary Pok├ęmon Silver Version in 2D


  • The graphics are no different from the original game
  • You can only play 2D
  • Limited gameplay capability

Pok├ęmon Silver Version

4 / 5

Author: GAME FREAK Inc.

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