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Undertale review

Undertale is an indie game that has gained great popularity among gamers from different parts of the world. The player will have to walk the corridors of the afterlife and fight with the original bosses. Only in this game skeletons will be friends, and evil flowers will be enemies. And also, the player will have to choose the end on their own. The style of play determines it. Will you be able to kill the enemies, or can you fix them in the dialogue? The choice is yours.

Undertale released date 9/15/2015. Download this game from Nintendo Switch, PS 4, PS Vita, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.  

Graphics 3/5

Undertale RPG got the graphics typical for this genre. Players should not expect precise detail or vivid graphic effects. But the developer Toby Fox made sure that the gameplay had a change of day and night. And also, during the game, the weather conditions change, and different visual effects added. But they are made in RPG style. Maps and characters are drawn with large pixels. Effective results in the game are present, but they are not many. But Undertale game is valued not for its graphics, but its plot, gameplay, and atmosphere.

Gameplay 4/5

The game character gets to the afterlife, where he is waiting for adventure. But the gameplay is not based on tactical battles and battles. The player has to communicate with enemies to allow them to retreat. A fight will only happen if you can't agree peacefully with your opponent. Dialogues are particularly well thought out. They have a lot of humor and sarcasm. There are also several endings in the game. The plot develops in different ways. The story of the main character depends on the selected actions. If you do not fight with enemies, there will be a good ending. 

In the storyline, the player meets comic characters. Among them, Sens and Papyrus. These NPC are the basis of the whole game. Without them, the gameplay would be boring and monotonous. 

In the process of progress in the story, the player will visit various pubs and communicate with other characters. The game has interaction with objects and interactive elements. And each battle with the boss puts the player in a particular game mode. 

Controls 4/5

The character in Undertale on Nintendo Switch, PS 4, PS Vita, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux can be controlled with a gamepad or keyboard. Control is intuitive and straightforward. It's inherent in any RPG game. Initially designed for PCs, it's easier to play with a computer mouse and keyboard. 

About all specs Undertale can be found in the settings and change the settings if necessary.

Replay Value 5/5

You can buy Undertale to pass it several times. As written above, the plot has several endings. So the user can change the strategy of action in each new game. The final game will depend on this. And here it can be positive or negative. Many users write that to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Undertale game you need to pass it 2-3 times. 


We can recommend download Undertale if you are familiar with the RPG genre. This game is based on an exciting storyline. It has no tactical battles and no possibility to improve the characters. But the game offers unlimited opportunities for interactive.


  • Interesting story
  • Interactive elements and dialogues
  • A few endings
  • Atmosphere of gameplay


  • Game for a fee


5 / 5

Author: 8-4, Ltd.