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ROBLOX review

Roblox is a free online platform from Roblox Corporation that lets users create unique games. Initially, the service was developed for PCs, but with the gradual increase of popularity, the company released versions for almost all existing platforms. So now, you can download Roblox for the Xbox One. 

Graphics 3/5 

When you see Roblox for the first time, it can remind you of the visual style of Minecraft, although it should be noted that the Roblox service appeared before Minecraft. Nevertheless, in our opinion, the cubic idea was implemented worse in Roblox. The design of objects and characters is quite simple, and the game world is full of glitches. 

Gameplay 4/5 

But, despite all the flaws of graphics, the Roblox gameplay is made pretty well. The main idea of this platform is to create custom games. And in this regard, Roblox can be called a training service. Children (or any other interested person) can try themselves in the role of game designers by using a built-in editor, create their world with a unique relief, challenging tasks, and realistic physics. 

For making games, the platform uses its engine Roblox Studio. Users can create projects of any complexity: from simple obstacle courses to complex multiplayer adventures. At the moment, the game has 18 location templates. If necessary, you can make the game private or, conversely, provide access for everyone. 

Also, on the platform, there are already millions of games created by other users that you can play. You can search for games by genre, topic, author, or open one of the categories, such as Learn & Explore or Most Popular. Some games have a high quality. So, the authors of this Roblox Review spent several hours exploring the interiors of the Titanic and trying to escape from a sinking ship in the Roblox Titanic simulator by Virtual Valley Games. 

If you wish, you can customize your avatar’s look. Change it into other clothes, choose another hairstyle and add accessories. Some items are free, and some will have to be purchased with in-game currency called Robux. 

Controls 3/5 

Controls in the Roblox Xbox One is pretty easy to learn. However, in comparison with the desktop version, they are not very convenient. Searching the directory takes a lot of time, and there is no chat in here, by the way. Microsoft removed it from the game due to age rating. 

Replay Value 4/5 

Since Roblox already has millions of ready-made games and unlimited possibilities for creating your own projects, you can spend a lot of hours on the platform. Although it is worth noting that many exciting games are available only by premium subscription or include in-app purchases. 

The Bottom Line

The Roblox platform provides a wide set of games and many opportunities for creativity. The process of making games will be interesting for both adults and children. And, despite some flaws in the graphics and controls, we recommend downloading Roblox on your device and try your hand at game design. No wonder in 2019, this platform overtook the already mentioned Minecraft in the number of active users. 


If you want to relax and spend some quality time, download Roblox for Xbox One and dive into the amazing world of video game development.


  • You can try your hand at game design
  • A wide set of ready-made games
  • Easy to learn controls


  • Bugged graphics
  • Secondary gameplay


4 / 5

Author: ROBLOX