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Fortnite review

Fortnite is a cooperative multi-genre game from Epic Games. You have to explore the cartoon world in the company of other players, fight off monsters, and defend your territory. Download Fortnite to your console and join the huge community of players, which already has over 350 million users from around the world. 

Graphics 5/5

The game has its catchy visual style and a detailed environment, somewhat reminiscent of Disney cartoons. All three game modes are designed in the same style. Despite the excellent detailing of objects and dynamic animation, Fortnite system requirements are quite low. Epic Games created the game on its own Unreal Engine 4 graphics core, which ensured a high frame rate. By the way, in 2018, the game even received a nomination from the Visual Effects Society for outstanding visual effects. 

Gameplay 5/5

Fortnite has three game modes: Save the World, Creative, and Battle Royale. The first mode is a player-versus-environment cooperative game. You need to explore the world in which 98% of the population has disappeared and restrain the crowds of attacking zombies. Find resources, develop technologies, save the remaining people, and pump your character's skills. 

Creative mode is a sandbox in which you can create your own world using in-game resources. Alone or in company with friends, on a private island, you can build your battle arena or platforming challenges with unique rules. By the way, the developers try to support creative players and offer a support program for authors, in which you can share your projects. 

Battle Royale mode is currently the most popular among users. In this battle, up to 100 players can take part at the same time. All participants land on the island, collect weapons, and try to remain the only survivor to win. You can build personal shelters or obstacles to protect yourself against opponents. The active map of the island is gradually decreasing due to an impending storm, which complicates the game. 

Themed events also appear regularly in the game. So, at the time of writing this Fortnite Review, a "party royal" was on air with the participation of world-class musicians. New skins for characters are also added regularly. Appearance does not affect the game mechanics but adds more fun. 

Controls 4/5 

The already clear Fortnite controls seem even easier with a gamepad. Moreover, from the very beginning, the game was developed for a console release. And, despite this, we recommend you to study the control settings before starting the game, because there is no tutorial in the game itself. 

Replay Value 5/5 

The Fortnite game can be replayed several times, thanks to three modes, regular updates, Easter eggs, and many interesting details. To succeed in the game, you need to experiment, learn new skills, and carefully study the world. 

The Bottom Line

Fortnite is a great way to challenge your tactical and creative skills. For its ever-evolving world, the game won the BAFTA (in the video game industry) award in the Evolving Game category. Download Fortnite PS4 version and see for yourself why the game is so popular among players around the world. 


Fortnite is a sandbox and a battle royale in one game, including an ever-evolving world, millions of rivals, and freedom for creativity.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Excellent graphics
  • Evolving world


  • Not for the faint of heart
  • Multiplayer only


5 / 5

Author: Epic Games