American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator

5 / 5


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American Truck Simulator review

American Truck Simulator is a popular game from the famous SCS Software studio. This team developed Euro Truck Simulator 2, so the result of its work is familiar to many gamers. Download American Truck Simulator is available on platforms Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. System requirements allow you to enjoy the gameplay even on non-productive computers.  

American Truck Simulator released date 2/1/2016. So the game is already available for purchase and download to your device.

Graphics 4/5

Full game American Truck Simulator is an analogy of Euro Truck Simulator 2, so the graphics in these games are similar. The image is difficult to call cinematic, but the detail of the graphics at a high level. To improve the visual perception of the picture, you should set the maximum graphics parameters. This can be done if the system requirements of the American Truck Simulator match the performance of the device. 

Gameplay 4/5 

The plot of the American trucker simulator is banal simple. The player needs to carry cargo from point A to point B, receiving a reward for this. In the game, you can buy and sell trucks. Users are available various modifications and improvements, making the process more interesting and exciting. The map in American Truck Simulator is really big. But many players write about the fact that all locations are monotonous. Cities are not much different from each other, as well as the whole process of delivery. There are no interactive elements in the gameplay. 

Love American Truck Simulator game can be for the atmosphere. The endless expanses of roads and pleasant music delight the virtual driver throughout the flights. All conditions of the gameplay are close to reality. Day changes at night, and after the hot sun, it can rain.

The choice of transport is quite large, so the player will always have a choice in favor of this or that track. 

Controls 4/5

Control in the game is intuitive. You can buy the American Truck Simulator to play on the steering controller or use the computer keyboard. The physics of the game is close to reality, but there are no difficulties in controlling the trucks. Even a child can handle the task!

Replay Value 3/5

The game has already become legendary on a par with ETS 2. But still, American Truck Simulator for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux lose its monotony. Dear Europe is more dynamic and interesting than desert highways of Texas or Ohio. The only question is where you would like to find yourself. And then you can decide for yourself if you would like to play this simulator for many hours?


We recommend you to download American Truck Simulator on Windows PC, Mac and Linux if you want to enjoy the special atmosphere of the faraway USA. This is a good alternative to ETS 2. Especially good if you have a steering controller. Then you will be able to 100% immerse yourself in the process of driving the track.


  • Large selection of trucks and cargo
  • Dynamic change of weather conditions, day and night
  • Detailed maps worked out
  • Atmospheric musical accompaniment


  • Consistent gameplay
  • Few interactive elements

American Truck Simulator

5 / 5

Author: SCS Software