Super Motherload

Super Motherload

4 / 5


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Super Motherload review

Super Motherload game is an exciting arcade game that released in 2013 on platforms Windows, PS3, and then PS4. On all platforms, Super Motherload has the same visualization. And the gameplay is based on the mining process on Mars. In the game, you need to sell the extracted raw materials, improve your flying transport, buy tools, and fuel. 

At the moment, there is no free Super Motherload download available. The game must be bought before you say and install it on the game console or computer.

Graphics 4/5

Visualization of the game world is not much different from the usual arcades. Players consider qualitatively executed only the drawing of the main character's car and all sorts of special effects, but not static effects. And players will never have any difficulty with the definition of the object on the screen. Therefore, the Super Motherload arcade game is also suitable for playing on a large TV using the game console. Because of the high resolution, the picture is no less clear.

Gameplay 5/5

Super Motherload full game has exciting gameplay. Before you start the game, the user invited to choose a character. When you load a new story is a randomly generated map. When you create a new game, it will change again. 

The Super Motherload gameplay is based on the need to extract minerals. The main character works for a large corporation. And with the immersion in the story, it turns out that the bosses keep some secrets and secrets. The protagonist has to mine the materials and sell them at the base. For the proceeds, he buys fuel, health, and repairs transport. With each new dive into the depths of Mars, the player will expect another surprise and accident. 

Super Motherload game is a single or multiplayer game without an online mode. 

Controls 4/5

All Super Motherload specs are easy to manage. It's the easiest to play on a PC keyboard. The keys are easy to control, the main character and his transport. The game involves few buttons so that the gameplay will cope with even the novice user. To play the game on the gamepads will have to get used to it longer. This requires some effort at first. 

In general, the management of functionality, dialogue, and interactive elements in the game is quite simple. 

Replay Value 3/5

A little Super Motherload justifies the game. The developers have added several elements to make it more attractive for players to repeat the story. For example, the map will change with each new world download. But many times, the account will not be so exciting to pass. The gameplay has a lot of monotonous actions. Unfortunately, it is impossible to play online in Super Motherload. So here you can put the game only 3 points. 


You can download Super Motherload for a good time. It's an arcade game with unusual gameplay. It has flaws, and I don't think you want to pass this game twice. But it deserves the attention of every gamer, regardless of interests and age.  


  • The Big Free Game World
  • Interactive component
  • Random card generation when you start a new game
  • A wide range of arbitrary actions and events
  • Precise detail and pleasant graphics


  • No online mode

Super Motherload

4 / 5

Author: XGen Studios