Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition

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Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition

Release date:
Playstation 3
ESRB Everyone 10+


  • Faith Powell
  • 5/14/2020

Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition Review: Cube People in Cube World

Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition is a console version of a popular sandbox game made by Mojang in 2013. Design and build your own world in which everything is made of cubes - from the sun in the sky to the axe in your hand. Download Minecraft on PS3 and play solo, or gather a group of friends and explore the limitless universe together. 

Graphics 3/5

Graphics are not the strongest point of the game or its key element. It is quite primitive, but this is precisely its charm: pixels and cubes are a hallmark. That is why it can be played on almost any device – the Minecraft system requirements are minimal. Due to the popularity of the game, now, probably, everyone knows what this world looks like. 

Gameplay 5/5

The Minecraft gameplay is straightforward – you need to feed your hero on time and avoid danger. For the rest, you have complete freedom of action. If you have previously tried playing this sandbox on other platforms, then everything will be familiar to you here. If you are a beginner, the game will offer you step-by-step training. 

To create your own world, you have two modes: Survival and Creative. In the first mode, the game provides you with additional challenges and launch bloodthirsty monsters towards you even in daytime, and at night increase their number. Get ready to build reliable shelters, get food, run and kill enemies. In the second mode, you have an unlimited number of cubes for making your world, and it’s almost impossible to die here.

In Minecraft, you can play single or gather friends. The game supports full multiplayer up to eight persons or cooperative mode with four players in a split-screen mode. Together you can build a brand new world or go on an adventure and complete various quests. 

Controls 5/5

As we previously mentioned in our Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition Review, before the game starts, you can undergo training to master the controls. But in general, they are intuitive and should not be difficult. Move your character and interact with the world using a gamepad. By default, the triangle button opens the inventory, the square one opens the crafting menu and using R2, you can chop a tree or get a stone. If needed, you can change the control as you wish. 

Replay Value 4/5

Several game modes, unique gameplay, and unlimited creative possibilities make Minecraft almost endless. If in doubt about whether to buy the full game, you can download Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition demo version and try its features. There is no strict quest system or crucial tasks in the game; however, you can always find something new. 

The Bottom Line

If you are an owner of a PS3, be sure to download Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition on your console. This legendary game will drag you for a very long time: do not limit your imagination and build the world of your dreams. Unfortunately, not so long ago, it became known that the Mojang development company has ceased to support the PS3 version and will no longer add updates. But even without them, the game is full of surprises!

Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition is an excellent game in which you can free your imagination and design your own world. Or gather a company of friends and build a complex and thoughtful world together.


Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition is an excellent game in which you can free your imagination and design your own world. Or gather a company of friends and build a complex and thoughtful world together.


  • Endless possibilities for creativity
  • Convenient gamepad controls
  • Support for up to 4 players on one device


  • Lack of new content
  • Childish graphics
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