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ShellShock Live

5 / 5


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ShellShock Live review

ShellShock Live is an online arcade game where the player has to fight with rivals on small tanks. A feature of the game is the possibility of customization. The result of battles affects the type of ammunition and other parameters. ShellShock Live is made in 2D. But the developers have taken care of a bright visualization and special effects. Nobody will be bored!

ShellShock Live release date 3/10/2015 on Windows PC, Mac, Linux. The game is still in early access. You can download it for a small fee to evaluate all the features of the gameplay. 

Graphics 4/5

ShellShock Live arcade game has a beautiful visualization, despite the 2D. The developers made the graphics bright and detailed. So playing the arcade game is interesting even on a large TV in 1080p. Tank battles are conducted with explosions and other special effects. Therefore, the picture on the screen is colorful and dynamic. But all locations are similar to each other. And the textures are made as simple as possible, without complex elements.

The system requirements ShellShock Live allow you to enjoy the gameplay on any computer device. 

Gameplay 4/5

ShellShock Live online game allows you to play in multiplayer mode with friends or other users. The game has several modes. Fighting on tanks will get two or in teams. The main task is to make a lesson to the opponent and destroy his military equipment. In the game, the user earns points that can be spent on improvements and customization. The result of battles and the overall impression of virtual battles depends on it. 

In the game, there are more than 200 types of weapons available, which are opened as you get achievements and points. For a variety of gameplay, there are 4 modes available: Deathmatch, Assassin, Points, and Juggernaut.

Controls 4/5

Players will have to practice to learn how to shoot the tanks accurately at enemies. The projectile trajectory is adjusted with the computer mouse or keys on the keyboard. To move the tank of the player on the map, just use the arrows "Right" and "Left." You can move with the A-D buttons. If desired, the gamepad is connected.

Replay Value 3/5

The small price of ShellShock Live increases interest in this arcade. On average, users spend 10-15 hours per game. But as new achievements are made, the interest in battles gradually decreases. This is due to the limited choice of maps and monotonous visual design. The game is designed for fun, but the gameplay is limited. For now, it is better to wait for the developers' update ShellShock Live. 


Full game ShellShock Live is available immediately after payment. But the developers promise to add updates with new content periodically. We recommend that you download ShellShock Live to play with friends and other players. Positive emotions are guaranteed! 


  • Bright graphics and dynamic gameplay
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Tank customization


  • The game has long been in early access

ShellShock Live

5 / 5

Author: kChamp Games