Ratty Catty

Ratty Catty

3 / 5


Kerim Kumbasar

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Ratty Catty review

Ratty Catty game is a fun simulator that is available to PC users. The main characters are the mouse Ratty and a pet cat Catty. The cat has to guard the food in the kitchen at home, so the mouse doesn't steal it. And the mouse must provide its mice with food in any way it can. You can play single player or multiplayer (up to 4 people supported). Not supported Ratty Catty free download, as the game must pay.

Ratty Catty's released date is 7/20/201 on platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS.

Graphics 4/5

The game belongs to the genre of "indie," so its graphics can hardly be called impressive. Visualization of the main characters is typical for these games. But the detail of the game world stands out against the general style for the better. But some players are complaining about the lack of quality 3D models. 

With each new load of the game world home and the interior environment is created anew. Various colors, home furniture, decor, and other game elements are updated. The game world filled with different physical interactive objects.  

Gameplay 4/5 

Ratty Catty indie game allows you to play alone or with friends (up to 4 players) on one card. The user chooses his hero before starting the game: cat or mouse. Each of the game characters can hide in the house and set traps. You can interact with different details on the map. You can also set bombs, hide and lure an opponent. 

In Ratty Catty for Windows, Linux, and macOS, you can highlight several features:

  • Unique character customization;
  • Interaction with game transport;
  • The presence of secret passages on the map;
  • Unique character weapon;
  • The random layout of the house.

These advantages confirm that Ratty Catty's price is not too high. 

Controls 4/5

Control in the game is intuitive. But users will need to take a basic training course to learn how to interact with subjects. Game characters will have to manage not only themselves but also transport. For example, children's toys or a real parrot. Initially, the management will seem complicated, but after 1-2 hours of play, the player will not have any difficulties. You can use the keyboard or gamepad to control.

Replay Value 3/5

This Ratty Catty's review confirms that the game is worthy of everyone's attention. It is unlikely that players will spend more than 20-30 game hours on it. But during this time, you will be able to experience all the possible gaming mechanics and possibilities of the virtual world of the main characters. Ratty Catty download can be players of any age. But the game is best suited for players 10-20 years. 


Ratty Catty free to play locked for users. The game sold in Steam, where you need to buy it before downloading Ratty Catty. But the spent money is fully compensated by the well-spent time.  


  • Character customization The ability to interact with items
  • Random game card settings
  • Well-designed artificial intelligence


  • You have to get used to the controls

Ratty Catty

3 / 5

Author: Kerim Kumbasar