Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town Red

5 / 5


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Paint the Town Red review

Paint the Town Red is a game in the indie genre, where the main character has to fight with his fists with visitors to bars and clubs. The title speaks for itself. We need to paint the whole city red so that the blood is everywhere! Full game Paint the Town Red is fascinating for a few hours, allowing for emotional relaxation.

Paint the Town Red released date 10/12/2015. So you can download this game now on Windows PC, Mac, Linux.

Graphics 3/5

Indie Paint the Town Red has an unusual visual design. The player's opponents have square heads! But the items on the game map are not a bad detail. During the fight with the opponents, we see the square and unrealistic blood. Physics in the game is also not like real life. But Paint the Town Red is a small indie project, where you don't need good graphics with quality textures. In the first place here comes the gameplay. 

Gameplay 4/5 

The gameplay Paint the Town Red is very simple. The player must use his own fists or third party objects to hit the opponents. The action of the game takes place in different locations. It can be nightclubs, restaurants, or even prison. Tables and chairs indoors can be used to interact to harm opponents. 

Features Paint the Town Red on Windows PC, Mac, Linux:

  • Multiple game scripts;
  • Multiplayer mode;
  • Plenty of items and weapons to damage the enemy;
  • Awards cash;
  • Level Editor.

Game Paint the Town Red contains many interactive elements. Maps and levels can be changed. There's even a free play mode for checking weapons and gaining experience.

And in Paint the Town Red game online you can play with friends, which makes the gameplay even more interesting. 

Controls 5/5

Control is intuitive. You can use a keyboard with a computer mouse or connect a gamepad. All gaming features are implemented on multiple keys. Even the novice user will not have any problems with control. With one or two buttons, you can control items and fight against opponents. And you can move around the map with a mouse or WASD (if you do not use the gamepads).

Replay Value 2/5

You can play for free in Paint the Town Red. But the game is fascinating and interesting only in the first few hours. After that, the player will open all the locations and features. And the subsequent passage of missions will not be so interesting. Someone uses this game to relax and have fun. But to spend on it a few game days is unlikely anyone will.  


Download Paint the Town Red to destroy your enemies with your fists or various objects. But you must understand that this is an indie project. And the game is designed for several hours, after which the gameplay becomes monotonous. 



  • Many interactive elements
  • Dynamic music
  • Lots of items for fights with enemies
  • Different cards and game scenarios
  • Awards Mode


  • Unrealistic graphics
  • No plot

Paint the Town Red

5 / 5

Author: South East Games