Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

4 / 5


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Dead by Daylight review

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game. Players must find a way out of the map area to escape a ruthless killer. Only one card can play 5 users at a time (1 on 4). The monster uses all sorts of tools and devices to hurt the players. Survivors are trying to hide on the map and use all kinds of tricks. You can cooperate with other survivors or play alone.

You can't download Dead by Daylight for free. You have to pay for the game in advance. Action on PC is available from 6/13/2016. 

Graphics 5/5

Action Dead by Daylight got good visualization and detail. You can clearly see even small details and distinguish quality textures. Action Dead by Daylight takes place in the dark. So the graphic design is made in this style. Despite the darkness, players will not have difficulty navigating on the map. All items on the map clearly stand out. Particular attention should be paid to detailing the murders and blood. It is really a lot. And the drops are well visualized.  

Gameplay 5/5 

Gameplay Dead by Daylight is unique. Players are given a team to get out of the shelter of a ruthless killer. They can use different items for this purpose. They use traps and baits to deceive the enemy. You can interact with many objects on the map. 

Each Dead by Daylight adds new elements and mechanics. The killer player can already use different types of weapons to torture and kill. Other survivors are given the opportunity to release the victim before his death. Dead by Daylight on PC has an atmosphere of terror and constant tension. Players have to choose their own escape strategy and tactics. 

Controls 3/5

Control here is hard to call simple. In Dead by Daylight, game users play from the third person. They have a good view of the map. But the use of keyboard and computer mouse does not facilitate the process of movement in the game world. If the victim is injured by the killer, then moving the player on the map will be difficult. This is part of the gameplay, which creates difficulties. The killer plays with a first-person view. But his angle of view is small.

It's best to use a gamepad to control players. It will make the control more mobile and efficient. 

Replay Value 4/5

Dead by Daylight game online offers many opportunities to play again with friends. The gameplay will seem boring only after passing all the cards and stories several times. Developers release updates and add new content to the gameplay. So each new game launch heralds something new and interesting. 


You can download Dead by Daylight on your PC to play Action with your friends or other players. It deserves attention, despite the lack of plot and simple gameplay.


  • Original gameplay
  • Ability to interact with different items on the map
  • The atmosphere of horror
  • Good graphics


  • Inconvenient operation

Dead by Daylight

4 / 5

Author: Behaviour Digital Inc.