Fortnite Battle Royale: There's Something New About the Playground Mode!

Steve Nielsen


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Fortnite has been bettered with the long-anticipated Playground mode. This novelty allows players to sharpen their skills, without having to go through a full-scale death-match. On the 12th of July, the game server will go inactive for some time: more updates will be added.

Fortnite Battle Royal (FBR) is an exceptional game. Massive shootouts on a colossal map gave millions of homegrown J. Rambos electrifying goosebumps.

The game is free to download and multiplatform as well: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and iOS are compatible with it.

FBR can host 100 players at the same time. They can either blast the enemies solo or unite in small squads – up to 4 gunmen per each squadron. In the beginning, you appear on an island – you're unarmed and defenseless. Your objective is to nose around the map to find the weaponry and ammo. The last soldier/quartet standing will win.

Just like any other title by Battle Royal, the game is divided into death-matches of various length/tempo. As the rivals progress, the map becomes smaller in size. It leads to an inevitable collision between the last surviving foes.

The studio behind FBR – Epic Games – breathlessly works on updates, constantly releasing patches. And we have a pleasure of telling you about the latest upgrades.

What is the Fortnite's Freshet Update?

Fortnite has the Practice mode now.

After postponing the update release and prolonging the agony, the authors finally give newbies a chance to sharpen their skills on a regular map. However, there's a catch: the number of players is limited to 4.

In this mode, you can do whatever you like for a whole 1 hour. Explore the map, test the weapons, rehearse the base-building, etc. During the last five minutes of the hour, the map-shrinking will begin to let you experience the most stressful part of the game first-hand.

Epic Games shut the servers down on the 12th of July to launch the updates. They do not disclose all the features of the upcoming patch. However, we know a bit about the new elements:

1)    Players will be able to split into teams.

2)    Editing of the structures, erected by the others will become available.

3)    There'll be aim-assist for those who still struggle with weapons.

4)    They'll add a lot of resources and bounty.

As for the latter – the resources can be obtained twice as fast in the Playground mode.

What Else will Happen in Fortnite?

Fortnite seems never to stop evolving. Updates pop up weekly: from simple glitch-fixing to adding a couple of interesting nuances to the gameplay.  

Epic Games aspires to add a bulk of new elements that will affect the overall gameplay in the long run. They are planning to bring more Limited Time modes.

Performance improvement and replay value increase are on the agenda as well. Those, who enjoy using the controllers, will be granted a privilege of turning off the aim-assist. This garners more accuracy.

50v50 mode will stay the same. The odds are that the Playground will become a time-limited mode too: with the same map, but more treasures to procure.

Doubtlessly Epic Games will keep the Time Limit modes coming, like hot pancakes.

Will Fortnite Ever Migrate to the Mobile Platforms?

fortnite on mobile phone

Yes indeed.

In fact, it's already available on certain iOS devices, for certain players. However, the process is painstaking and as slow as an intoxicated sloth. It'll be months (perhaps half a year) before we can finally see FBR on Android.

How can I play Fortnite on iOS?

At the moment, Epic Games is inviting a handful of iOS users to test the game on their gadgets. But the invitations are being sent only to those, who signed up on the official Fortnite Battle Royal site.

As for now, the offer is exclusive to iOS users, but a couple of months later Androids will join the party to test their mobile version too.

Don't hesitate, if you have one of these devices:

  •        iPhone 6S or SE
  •        iPad Mini 4.
  •        iPad Air 2.
  •        iPad 2017.
  •        iPad Pro.

iOS 11 and internet connectivity are mandatory.

Any Difference Between the Regular and Mobile Fortnite?

No, it is the same game. The original features remain unaltered, but there are a couple of limitations:

  •        Graphics are certainly weaker.
  •        Controls are tougher since they are touchscreen-based.
  •        Some audio signals have been turned into visuals, to liberate you from using the earphones.

As for the rest, it's the same Fortnite we cherish so much

What's up With the Cross-Playing?

All the platforms are compatible online, except for Xbox One and PS4 – must be due to their feud. The rest of the platforms, including mobile devices, can play together all they want. If you're out of town and got Fortnite on your iPad – you can co-op with your PC/console friends. Although if one of them has a console different from the rest – becoming an outsider will be inevitable.

Another good news is that your progress will be preserved no matter what device you're using. It can be done through the Fortnite account. Leave off, while playing on your phone? Feel free to continue on the PC.  

How to get the Mobile Fortnite?

a)     Own one of the above-mentioned iOS gizmos

b)    Sign up here:

Android adepts will have to be patient so far.

Battle Pass — What is it?

The so-called Battle Pass is sort of a bonus that can be bought for real monies only: $10, soldier. It unlocks access to the limited and super-rare thingies.

Here's what you can do with it:

  •        Complete the everyday challenges.
  •        Achieve higher ranks.
  •        Earn the Battle Stars.
  •        Unlock specific Tiers in the Battle Pass.

Every Tier unlocked delivers you rewards, both free and premium. The Tiers are always different – their contents depend on the season. In season three, you can collect up to 100 items in the Battle Pass. This will require approximately extra 150 hours of focused playing.

Battle Pass can get you some Free Rewards. As for the premium rewards - they can be conquered through the Premium Pass only. It is not for sale for regular money, use the in-game V currency to get a hold of it.

Friends With Benefits: Twitch Prime & Fortnite

If you happen to use Twitch Prime and play FBR, then congrats - you can get some delicious free loot right this minute! If you have a registered Twitch Prime account, then you can apply for Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 1 and 2. These packs are stuffed with clothes and make-up tools.


  •        The Havoc outfit.
  •        Subcommand Outfit.
  •        Black Bling.
  •        Slipstream Glider.


  •        Trailblazer Outfit.
  •        Tenderizer Pickaxe.
  •        True North Back Bling.

And if you're a dance maniac, the new dance moves are included as well.

You can obtain the loot on one platform. It can be shared among other platforms freely, except for Xbox One – PS4.