Final Fantasy VII The Remake: Ultimate Guide

Steve Nielsen


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At last, the remake of Final Fantasy 7 release date is history, and everyone can play it on PS4. Not that it’s a hardcore experience, but there are still perks to apply to make your playthrough more impressive and diverse. Do you want to avoid tiresome game overs and make your journey through Midgar a smoother experience? Then hurry up to learn the tips below!

Don’t Rely on Regular Attacks

The first rule of the combat system in Final Fantasy VII Remake is “stop mashing buttons in battles.” Trying to defeat hordes of enemies with frequently repeated standard attacks is totally inefficient in most cases as they deal low damage. The best way to deal with enemies and bosses is to combine spells, special skills, and power attacks, such as Overcharge and Punisher Mode. Use regular hits to gain ATB and use specials as soon as they get charged.

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Use Ranged Characters to Recover

You should remember that Cloud and Tifa aren’t as good in healing as Aerith and Barret. That’s because the second couple can perform ranged attacks to fill their ATB gauges, which means that monsters can’t reach them in most cases. As a result, the best way to save the squad from a game over, switch to Barret or Aerith, perform several ranged attacks, and heal up everyone quick.

Seek For Discounts

Vending machines and stores are pretty common and scattered all around the game, but it’s not wise to go past them. Look for yellow numbers next to ‘Buy’ to get random items with a significant discount. For example, some Mega Potions and Ethers are always handy, especially when they’re cheap.

Benches Save Life

Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t include any save checkpoints as you can save your progress anywhere you want. Still, there are many benches and rest spots around, and we recommend you use them frequently. It’s a free option, but it can help you a lot if there’s a boss battle ahead. Many users that take part in Final Fantasy VII Remake Reddit topics believe that benches are a sign of the disaster coming, so you shouldn’t ignore them.

Chadley’s Requests Really Matter

Chadley is the Shinra’s Intern, who first appears in the 3rd chapter. Many players neglect his scientific offers as they seem too simple. However, skipping them means losing some important stuff. Try to complete all his quests, and you’ll be rewarded with an ability to summon powerful monsters, which is awesome.

Always Assess Enemies

Another benefit you get by working for Chadley is the assess materia. It will help you to see enemies’ weaknesses and the best hit points and notify when it’s the best time for staggering. This skill also paralyzes enemies boosting the damage you deal with. As a result, your strategy-making system will become more versatile. If you’ve already used, assess on an enemy, hit the touchpad button to reveal its stats later.

Apply Auto-Cure On Allies

All the members of your party have a particular amount of the Auto-Cure materia along with the healing materia in their equipment. This item can heal your allies automatically when their health bars turn red. Applying Auto-Cure, you save a lot of time on giving orders to your teammates as they can’t cast spells without your direct command.

Use More Elemental Materia

Elemental materia is perhaps one of the most crucial for the entire game. Select your favorite lead combat unit and equip him or her with Elemental materia to make the attacks more powerful. But remember that fire attacks are more useful against monsters, while electricity works best against robotic enemies.

These are Useful Abilities

No matter who’s your favorite character, all of them have powerful attacks that can save the entire squad sometimes. When you play Cloud, you can perform a triple strike to do hard damage to 3 enemies in a row. Tifa has a Star Shower skill that lets you pelt enemies with kicks. Finally, Aerith can heal up everyone without spending MP, which is a great ability.

Heal Before Breaking Crates

Shinra crates are scattered all around the game world. Smashing them, you can find extra mako shards that provide your allies with a small amount of MP. If you want to be thriftier, heal up before breaking crates to be able to pick up the bonus. When the battle is over, press and hold L1 while healing to share it with all the allies.

Ditch The M-items

In the legendary Chapter 7, you can choose different ways to destroy the Airbuster boss prior to the battle. One of the options is to deal with the M-items. To tell the truth, they’re not worth your time at all. Destroy the cobot’s core AI processor, and detonate its explosives instead.

To Find Treasures, You Should …

Be attentive and clever, of course! In fact, it’s quite easy to predict where the treasure is hidden. When you see a fork, you should always look at how your allies react. The path that they go down automatically will lead you to another part of the main story, while another route will grant you a bonus for your attentiveness.

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Pick The Style (Weapon Stats)

There are a variety of weapons in each character’s inventory, and you can upgrade them in a creative way. Unlike the original Final Fantasy VII, every character has a preferred combat style that works more effectively with his or her initial powers. It means that you shouldn’t upgrade each time you get something new.

How To Defeat Bloodhounds

For some reason, the most dangerous boss in the game is a group of dogs that appear almost at the end of the game. It’s extremely difficult to eliminate them, especially when you play on the medium or hard level. If you come across this problem, just switch back to the easy mode and return to the hard after.

Still an Exclusive?

Unfortunately, there’s still no opportunity to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox One. Although Square Enix is completely independent of Sony, many of its mainline projects are PlayStation exclusives. However, the latest rumors say that the PC version of the title is already in development. It means that the Xbox One or Xbox Series X adaptation is a matter of months. Until then, you can enjoy this absolute US best-seller of the season only on PS4.